Fixing net curtain cord to ceiling above bay window?
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How to fix net curtain cord to ceiling above bay window?

We have moved into a rented home that has Venetian blinds in a bay window in the front room. We would like to add net curtains as well for more privacy. The landlord has OK'd minor changes but we don't want to leave ugly holes.

The problem is that the Venetian blinds leave no space to screw the curtain-cord hooks horizontally into the window-frame. We have two possible solutions.

Plan A. Screw larger hooks vertically into the ceiling, which is either plaster or fibreboard. Though the curtain is light, we're concerned the hooks will fall out over time.

Plan B. Attach smaller hooks horizontally to the boxes at the top of the blinds. We're considering supergluing them in place.

(Note: because it's a bay window we can't just use a straight curtain rod, which would be the obvious choice)

Any suggestions as to whether Plan A or Plan B is better? Or any Plan C's which are better still?
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Best answer: If you use screw anchors, your hooks should be perfectly secure in the ceiling.
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Best answer: I wouldn't attempt to adhere hooks to the existing blinds. You'd only be gluing the hooks to the paint, which would probably pull off easily and look bad.

The ceiling will have some wood framing above the soft surface material. If it's in the right places, a screw going through the drywall/whatever and into the wood will be very strong. Alternately you can use some sort of screw anchor. The ones that are shown in the first and third Wikipedia pics are simplest to use (they just press-fit into a small hole) and are probably sufficient for a lightweight curtain with no rod. If the curtain is heavy enough that something could be hurt if it fell, use an anchor that expands on the far side of the drywall.
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Best answer: You're really not talking about much weight. I've never had a problem with hooks falling out of the ceiling when I've used anchors.
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