Verizon versus Time Warner, go!
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Do any of you New York-area mefites have an opinion on Verizon versus Time Warner for internet?

We don't care about cable since we're granola-loving TV-haters, but I work from home so a reliable connection is 100% necessary. Also, if anyone knows and loves a different company in the area (we're in Brooklyn), then that is welcome information, as well.

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Had Verizon awhile ago (4-5 years?) and service was spotty- switched to Time Warner, never had another connection problem. My modem broke a few months ago, got to go into a Time Warner service center and switch it out in about 15 minutes. Very good.
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If you can get Verizon FIOS it's amazing. (my parents have it and it is really really nice)

Odds are you'll only really have Time Warner as an option, and it's decent.
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We've had both FIOS and Time Warner internet service. The Time Warner connection would often stop working for no reason and we'd then have to power down their router before it'd start working again. FIOS has been super reliable and faster. I'd go for that if it's an option. I believe Verizon also has a non-FIOS internet service but can't really speak to it.
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I have Time Warner and it's reasonably reliable. Depending on whether they service your address, you may also be able to get RCN - I had them and their internet service was reliable, but their cable sucked. If I could get FIOS I would, but I have heard from neighbors and friends that the non-FIOS Verizon service is kind of spotty.
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Eugene Mirman seems to think pretty poorly of Time Warner...
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Yeah, if you have FIOS as an option, definitely go for it. But if it's non-FIOS Verizon, then I'd say you'd have to stick with Time Warner.

However, if RCN is an option, I'd pick that over Time Warner. I was floored when I switched and the lady asked when I wanted an appointment, and when I asked when was available (expecting the Time Warner reply of "A technician will come between 8am and 5pm in three weeks) and the lady said "We can come tomorrow, just pick a time!" and then they ACTUALLY CAME AT THAT TIME! It was wonderful. I wish my new building had an option other than Time Warner and "Natural Wireless", whatever the heck that is.
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I use Clear 4G Wireless in Brooklyn and it's fine for my text-based work, for watching Netflix and Youtube, for Skype, and suchlike. I wouldn't want to make promises about work involving constant heavy data download though. They send the router in the mail, and you just switch it on.
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When we moved into our brand-new building, it was only set up for RCN and I needed internet immediately (work from home) and couldn't wait the week for Time Warner to be ready. So we went with RCN and had a similar experience to Grither. Their customer service is excellent. Plus, internet speeds are way faster.

So if you have that option, I recommend it.
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God I miss FIOS; if you can get that, go with it.
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If you do go with Time Warner, try to insist on a Motorola modem. The Ubee modems which are their standard (at least where I am) are universally terrible. I had two Ubees before I was able to get a Motorola. Both Ubees would drop either the Wifi signal, the modem connection or both at least once daily requiring a reboot of the modem each time.

But Nthing FiOS if you can get it.
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I had non-FiOS Verizon but it was hair rippingly frustrating. Now have Time Warner because we have no choice but it's been fine. Also their office near Madison Square Park is near Shake Shack.
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More annecdata: In a small town in upstate NY, I had TW and my ex-wife had Verizon (but not FIOS). I had almost no trouble, she had quite a bit. Also, when I did have trouble, I always found TW to be very responsive, whereas she had somewhat poorer response from Verizon.
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Get Verizon! We used to have the triple play (or whatever they call it) for Time Warner and their service sucks. Time Warner also likes to turn off service days before the actual bill is due and send paper bills when you specifically opt into electronic billing.

The only reason we still have Time Warner for cable is because my roommate prefers the channel variety and we both don't like the interface of Verizon's version of ondemand.
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Definitely worth checking if RCN is available in your building. I've used them for years - very consistent service and reliable tech support, although I haven't needed it much.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much for your help, everyone! It sounds like I'm going to try looking into FiOS>RCN>TW>Verizon in that order.
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Response by poster: (Sigh, I was forced to go with our kindly neighborhood monopoly Time Warner. Well, I hope I don't end up having to write them an angry letter in which I invent new biblical plagues just to express my frustration!)
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