Who's your favourite butch dyke?
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Help me compiling a list of well known butch dykes

I make a zine with short bios of masculine lesbians of note, and lately I feel a bit stumped for ideas.

Basically, what I'm looking for is:

1. Masculine lesbians
2. Out
3. From the past or the present
4. Whose biographies are somewhat accessible and interesting

BONUS: women of colour and non-Anglo women!

I am starting to work on a Judith Butler zine - but all the images I find of her are in lectures! So there's this concern too, to be able to find pics or imagine them in a range of situations. But most importantly, having a big list here to consult, share, and go back to.

Links to lists, blogs, tumblrs are welcome too.

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Le Tigre's JD Samson.
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Here's the ones I already have in comic form: JD Samson, Martina Navratilova, Gladys Bentley, Chavela Vargas, Jenny Shimizu, Gertrude Stein and Claude Cahun.
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Have you seen this? http://www.tophotbutches.com/

Note: I believe there are people on that list that don't identify as female--some may be genderqueer or transmasculine.

Other people I can think of offhand: Sinclair Sexsmith, Kelli Dunham, Ivan Coyote, Del Martin.
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Lynn Lavner, comic and cabaret performer from the 80s/90s. I emailed the DJ after hearing "Such Fine Young Men" on Queer Music Heritage when I was in college, expressing how touching the song was. He forwarded my email on to Ms. Lavner and she responded with the kindest note I've ever received and autographed copies of her CDs. You can hear some clips from her songs on the page linked about, including "A Mother's Lament" (a hilarious song from a Jewish mother to her butch daughter including the line "...don't wear leather pants to the seder.").
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Alison Bechdel.
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Rachel Maddow.
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Lea DeLaria.
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Heather Cassils is well-known for being the butch in Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video.
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Radclyffe Hall, author of The Well of Loneliness, who went by the nickname "John."
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Leslie Feinberg.
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Hmmmm...I was thinking that book by Leslie Feinberg was an autobiography, but a read back over the blurb, probably not. (Sorry!) Still, it's a good read.
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Kate Clinton?
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k. d. lang.

Ellen DeGeneres.

Leslie Feinberg doesn't identify as female.
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Gladys Bentley was pretty goddamn amazing.
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The photographer Catherine Opie
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Rita Mae Brown
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Historical hottie Annemarie Schwarzenbach and Erika Mann.

Did you ever see Jack/Judith Butler's photo shoot with her partner for Oprah's magazine? Fascinating. Can't find a good link but you should hunt that issue down.
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Mary Daly
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D'oh! I meant Jack/Judith Halbserstam, not Judith Butler. My mistake! Here's the article, which is a little silly.
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Betty 'Joe' Carstairs
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Maggi Hambling
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Katharine Hepburn. (Contentious, I know, but I am choosing to believe the book. Because, Katharine Hepburn.)
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Colette's lover Missy. I read about her in the Colette biography Secrets of the Flesh (which is fabulous and sexy and highly recommended!)
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Tracy Chapman
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Rita Mae Brown

It would really surprise me if she identifies as butch, and not only because she dated Martina. See this essay. I know I'm not a good one to talk here, since I playfully included Katharine Hepburn above (sorry, didn't see the part about "out"). But I want to point out that you really judge from the haircut and clothes. There are plenty of androgynous dykes that are emphatically not butch. Apologies if RMB has declared herself as one (and sorry for being pedantic -- I look forward to reading your zine!).
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typo alert: really CAN'T judge
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Andrea Gibson
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Also: Abby Wambach.
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I think Elizabeth Streb is highly underrated.
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