Why does a woman breastfeed a deer?
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What is the meaning/story behind a statue of a woman breastfeeding a deer near the Taipei Zoo MRT station?

I found a number of interesting statues in Taipei on a recent visit. One was a particular fail that was named "Loving Father" which depicted a boy who looked like he was performing a sexual act on his father - but never mind about that. I saw this statue of a woman breastfeeding a deer near Taipei zoo. It has produced a number of different opinions amongst my friends and colleagues and I am yet to find the story behind this particular statue. I'm hoping you can help by providing me with a link to this story. My google search of "woman breastfeeding deer" turned up a number of interesting links - but not exactly what I was looking for. If you happen to be from or recently visited Taipei and know anything about the "duck woman" statue in Taipei Main Station I'd also be interested in learning more about that too!
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Are you sure that she's actually breastfeeding the deer, as opposed to just posing with it and it just sort of LOOKS like that?
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Yeah, that's not how fawns breastfeed (or human babies, for that matter). It looks to me like the deer were posed to conceal the nipples and genitals of the woman.
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If it's not a local inspiration maybe a sculptor's witty riff on Romulus and Remus?
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Best answer: Other people on Flickr have interpreted the statue the same way. Here's someone that includes a translation of the characters on the base of the statue - Ethical Treatment for Animals. So maybe they're all just cuddling?
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Doesn't look like it's breastfeeding to me, really at all...the fawns are just strategically posed to conceal her bits.
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Deer breastfeed more like this.
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Response by poster: I do understand what breastfeeding looks like however this is an artistic interpretation and therefore may not be literally presented. There are a number of people who believe this is an artistic interpretation and even the Taiwanese woman I was with at the time suggested that there was a story behind this so I was looking for that story.
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I'll take a shot at it.

Mother Nature providing for earth's creatures?
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Although I agree that it just looks like closeness and not breast feeding.
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