Looking for pediatrician in Boston.
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Looking for a pediatrician in Boston!

We're moving to Boston next week and I need to find a pediatrician for our son, who is 16mos. old (born March 2011). He's due for his 18mo. well-baby check up in September, so I do need to find a practice that's taking new patients *now.*

I would ideally like a smallish practice, though I know in Boston that that might be tough to find.

Details about us: We'll be living in the South End with easy T access to Green and Orange lines. Anywhere in the city is pretty ok. I personally see doctors affiliated with Brigham & Women's, but I'm not married to the idea of finding a pediatrician in the same system.

We're pretty laid back middle-of-the-road parents. We've done a lot of "attachment parent" type stuff - baby wearing, breastfeeding (though not currently), co-sleeping (again, not currently, but we have in the past and probably will when we have another eventually), but we're pretty laid-back about it. Our son has no dietary restrictions or medical conditions and is developmentally on track for his age, so we have no real special concerns at this point.

It is important to me that we find a practice that does *NOT* accept non-vaccinators. This isn't a dogmatic thing, I am personally allergic to the pertussis vaccine and given that there are outbreaks of pertussis going around the US - I don't want to put myself at risk by potential exposure to children who have it.

TL;DR: Looking for small(ish) practice for kid with no specific health concerns that does *NOT* accept non-vax.
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Check your MeMail.
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The Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has a Pediatrician Finder on its HealthyChildren.org website. It allows you to search by zip code, which should narrow it down for you. It'll tell you whether the doc has any specialties and that s/he is board certified:

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Response by poster: Thanks, Scared of Widths, but I do know how to use a referral service - I'm asking to see if anyone has actual personal recommendations as websites don't tell you about things like bedside manner and whether the doctor runs late and things like that.
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