Sweet and sexy Russian phrases
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Please teach me how to say sexy and flirty things to my boyfriend in Russian.

I speak and read Russian, but I've never learned how to say sexy/flirty things that one would say to a boyfriend, since I've never had to speak Russian to anyone other than my family. The literal translations for "you are so sexy" or "you are the sweetest" sound really weird to me. My boyfriend is learning Russian, so it'd be fun to teach him some phrases, and to challenge him with compliments in Russian. I need some sweet phrases, slightly dirty phrases (very cheesy dirty phrases are ok too!), basically anything that loving couples actually say to each other.

How do you say:
You are cute/sexy/sweet (both guys and girls in case different words are used) or any other common compliments
Let's go have sex/do it right now
I want you so bad right now
How do you give compliments and um, directions in bed? how do you actually refer to various body parts in bed? (nothing too dirty but some basic stuff)

Basically anything that comes to mind, teach me how to say it!

throwawaymetafilter@gmail.com, just in case you don't want to answer here. Thanks!!
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"I want you so bad."
Я так хочу тебя.

"I dream of your body"
Я мечтаю о твоем теле.

"Feel your breath on (body parts)"
Ощутить твое дыхание на (...)

Sweet is always a good way to call your lover. Example

привет, милый =))) (hello, sweetie!)
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