What is an alternative to a 301 redirect when switching domains without owning the old domain?
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My successful small business website is on a subdomain owned by the website template provider. I want to switch providers and domains without loosing my websites search engine rankings. Since a 301 redirect isn't an option, what else can I do to maintain my website's Google rankings?

Back when my business was smaller, I set up my website using a website provider that had an easy template and provided me a subdomain of theirs to use as my domain. (Bad idea, I know) Now, I'd like to switch web services companies to a more up to date and professional site, but since I don't own my original domain, I need to switch domains when I change providers. I have a business which currently comes up on the top of the first page when looking for this type of business in my area on Google through my SEO efforts. I don't want to loose my page rankings when I switch domains, but a 301 redirect isn't an option, since the old provider owns my old domain, which is a subdomain of theirs.

What can I do as an alternative to keep my original site's rankings? Also, failing a perfect solution how long should I expect that it would take for my business to climb back up the google ratings with our new domain and is there anything I can do (that is easy) to speed that along?
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Are you willing to keep paying your old host for the old domain name? If you are, you can just redirect off of that until your independent domain is more established.
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Unfortunately the old provider said they would not allow that.
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Pester the old provider until they do what you want.
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