Kindle is dead, long live... nope, just dead.
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Kindle keyboard w/ lines on screen... Amazon does NOT seem interested in replacing (this time). Any options on repair?

So, this one died by jumping from the bed. (Joining its kin, Stepped Lightly On, and Sat Lightly On) Amazon is offering me a discount on replacing. woo. Ideally, I'd like to fix it. Any hope/ideas/suggestions?
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Check this thread at iFixit

basically, if you don't have the 3g model, it's not worth paying $60 to repair, just buy a new one for $69/99
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When Dropped At The Bus Stop went up to the warehouse in the sky, I called Amazon and they wanted $80 to replace it. Deep in mourning, I relented at last only to... have them offer to replace it for free.

I'm not suggesting that you call them up again and again until you find someone willing to replace it -- I genuinely just wanted it fixed and happened to get lucky -- but, you know, you might get lucky.
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These devices cost more to repair than they would cost to replace. It makes no economic sense to bother repairing them.
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Can't be fixed. I'd take the discount and buy a protective case for it.
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Grab another keyboard one off ebay - the touch blows in comparison - way too sensitive and going back a page is a nuisance because the hit spot is so skinny.
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Same issue with Fell From My Purse. I called Amazon last night and they only offered the $65 replacement. When I said I had to think about it, the CSR told me to call back in three or four days, as they are changing their damaged kindle policy soon. So, join me in calling back on Monday!
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