Who is hoarding all the good podcasts? GIMME.
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PodcastFilter: Either I am running out of podcasts I like or I need fresh perspective to help me find new ones.

A luxury of working from home--and even when I open a shop of my own--is that I get to spend time listening to the wonders of podcasts. Only I am starting to catch up with ones I am listening to and don't know where to go for new stuff. Amazingly, my friends are no help in this regard. I don't know if they don't listen to podcasts or if they are hoarding all the good ones to themselves.

So here's my requirements: it can involve Anglophilia, vegan food/politics, history, food in general, fiction, travel....and if anyone can find me a really good French one to practice my French that would also be excellent.

Here is what I currently listen to:

*The British History Podcast
*Our Hen House
*Spilled Milk
*Thrilling Adventure Hour
*The Vegan Option
*Kitchen Cabinet
...I also listen to a lot of programs via the BBC Listener app so unless it's something you think I can't find through that source, I mostly have the BBC covered.

I downloaded episodes of Joy the Baker (which I found dull) and the History Chicks. I want to like these but do they get better?

(And I have already listened to the entire backlog of the Vegan Porncast. Comedy Bang Bang, MATES, WTF are all covered because of my husband's tastes, FYI.)
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In the vein of Thrilling Adventure Hour, maybe have a look at Decoder Ring Theatre.
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It meets precisely NONE of your criteria, but: RADIOLAB! I don't even listen to podcasts but I listen to it obsessively. So, so, SO wonderful and informative and entertaining.
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For history, I like Backstory with the American History Guys from the University of Virginia.
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I admit this is outside your stated requirements but if you have any interest at all in astronomy I highly recommend Astronomy Cast.
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I can't say enough good things about Mike Duncan's The History of Rome podcasts. There's now a History of Byzantium podcast too, although from a different dude (since Mike is too busy being a new dad).
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Hardcore History
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I like both the "Backstory" and the "History of Rome" suggestions above. Since you're into French history I also suggest The Napoleon Bonaparte 101 Podcast.

Like The History of Rome it's pretty much complete, and despite the name goes well past the 101 level. Following the completion of Napoleon's life they had current experts and historians on to discuss their recent research and aspects of Napoleon's life from non-traditional sources. There's a couple of episodes with the view of Napoleon's life from the Russian perspective from documents that haven't, yet, been translated into French or English that's not to be missed.
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For history, you might consider The Memory Palace.
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In Our Time.

If you like moxiequiz's History Of Rome suggestion, you might also like Twelve Byzantine Rulers and Norman Centuries by Lars Brownworth. I don't find Lars as personable as Mike, but these are the podcasts that inspired History Of Rome. I haven't listened to History Of Byzantium yet (thanks, moxiequiz!), so I can't weigh in about whether Lars' take is better.

I also like Stuff You Missed In History Class, A History Of The World In 100 Objects, and 99% Invisible.
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I just started listening, but so far I love Learn French By Podcast.
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Again, programs like In Our Time I already get through the BBC Listener. But keep 'em coming! I am hoping for a good travel one!
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Answer Me This, for your Anglophilia?
And if you're a Downton Abbey fan, Up Yours, Downstairs is awesome.
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I love love love the Stuff You Should Know podcast from How Stuff Works. They cover a lot of topics, so you'll see things out there for food, beverages, history and science. I also really enjoy the 99% Invisible and Radiolab podcasts mentioned.
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In the fiction vein, I've been enjoying The Truth.
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I really enjoy the "Coffee Break" series (also available for free via itunes) for learning languages. I've used the Spanish one, but the same guy does the French one and I recommended it to a friend who used it in preparation for a trip to France and really enjoyed it. The presenter and student are very personable and entertaining. They have some other French language programs that might fill the bill as well (Walk, Talk, and Learn French sounds promising and aimed more at an intermediate student than a true beginner).
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The Story is often fascinating.
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I'm only up to episode 4, but I'm enjoying the History of English podcast.
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