Or we could just listen to, "It's a Small World," on Repeat
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Around-the-World Party Playlist! I'm having an around the world potluck/costume/birthday party soon, and I'm looking for songs that support this theme.

There are some previous questions that touch on this subject, but from what I can see/search, they are need of a 2012 update. I've got non-English music in my library, but not enough for a whole evening of celebratory (perhaps even slightly rowdy-ish) fun.

The countries currently being represented at the party currently include Switzerland, France, Lebanon, India, Italy, Japan, Thailand, and Mexico, but that needn't limit the recommendations. I'm just looking for great party music. Extra points for 1)Being dance-able, and 2)Available in the US, preferably in digital format.
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Daft Punk - Around The World
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You have "Around the World" by Daft Punk on there, right?
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Pitbull's International Love?
(lyrics here - Lebanon gets a shoutout!)
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Best answer: There are some neat artists from Mexico. I like Luis Miguel, he does a pretty cool version of the 4 Tops, "I'll Be There" called "Es Mejor" He's also got "Cuando Calienta el Sol" It's an old song, but he really rocks it out. Very summery.

I also like Shakira, you can do a mix of Whereever, Whenever, both in English and Spainish. Shake that booty!

For India, I recommend some of the songs from Bride and Prejudice, especially "No Life, Without Wife" it's a total hoot and infectiously fun.
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Best answer: Peter Schilling - Major Tom (German)

Jean Laloup - I Lost My Baby (Quebecois)

For something a little lower key, I love Kaze Wo Atsumete - Happy End (Japanese)

For something a little stranger (conceptually-speaking), but still fun, you could play an Italian song that features lyrics of what English sounds like to non-English speakers
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Best answer: Of my embarrassingly large collection of Danish pop music, I'll suggest Hej Matematik 'Party i Provinsen'. The lyrics are exactly as meaningless as any American pop song, except in Scandinavia parties happen in the woods with somewhat greater frequency.
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Best answer: If the idea is that you want dance music from other countries, as opposed to just songs which name-check the international concept, here are some of my choices:

Côte d'Ivoire: Douk-Saga - Héros national bouche-bée
Egypt: Mohamed Mounir - Gold Collection
Ethiopia: Ethiopiques Vol. 8: Swinging Addis
France: Alan Braxe and Friends - The Upper Cuts
India: The Rough Guide to Bhangra
Mali: Abdoulaye Diabate & Koutiala Orchestra - Samory
Nigeria: Nigeria Special: Modern Highlife, Afro-sounds & Nigerian Blues 1970-76
Senegal - Kiné Lam
Sierra Leone - Sierra Leone's Refugee All-Stars - Radio Salone

That's all I have time for now, but also check out Afropop Worldwide's Spring Dance Party 2012.
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Best answer: Korea: Gangnam Style (from yesterday's FPP and still stuck in my head)
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My 'around the world' theme song was "Roam" by the B-52s.
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Best answer: Aotearoa by Minuit for your NZ fix (should be available in Amazon and iTunes, hopefully worldwide although who knows with these things?).
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I'd vote for Trucker's Atlas by Modest Mouse.

I can think of few other songs that convey the idea of travel but in a kind of minimal way. I'm not sure how party-music it is though since it's really long and kind of repetitive (like travel).
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Best answer: S.H.E's Superstar is a catchy song from a Taiwanese pop girl group.
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"Same Song" by Digital Underground?
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Lemon Jelly - Ramblin' Man

The other eponymous version is East 17 - All Around The World which, if you get the timing right, works surprisingly well after Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World

Oh, and Yakko Warner (Animaniacs) - Countries Of The World.

Have fun.
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Also Denmark/Norway: Around the World. Two of the members are in cobaltnine's Hej Matematik.
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Best answer: Fela Anikulapo Kuti or other Afrobeat artists.

Also - Reggae.
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"Roam" video
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Response by poster: Thanks to everyone for the answers; marking the non-English language music as best answers!
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Best answer: Baloji's Le jour d'après / Siku Ya Baabaye (Indépendance Cha-Cha)

A few years older, but K'nann's Waving Flag has an international flair.

Gogol Bordello's Immigraniada is about immigration (and is excellent).
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