How did you notify your contacts of your new mobile phone number?
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I have a new mobile phone number, replacing the one I've had for years. I want to notify my (many hundreds) of contacts of this new number. What is the right way to do this? How did you handle this situation?

It's an Android phone, if that helps. My number can't be ported, unfortunately.
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mass text seems to be the standard these days
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Response by poster: Is there a good app for that? (or for this problem in general)
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Either text everyone saying "Hey this is fake and I got a new number" or, if applicable, create a heavily locked-down post on Facebook/Google+/whatever and tag everyone who needs to know.
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I would:

mass bcc email work/formal contacts for those whose emails you have
call/individually text close friends and family
mass text acquaintances
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I sent out a mass bcc email to both work and personal contacts.

I've gotten a few mass texts as well. I think those are easier because you can automatically save the number.

I found it was a good time to weed out old/unwanted contacts.
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I usually do mass bcc emails, but that's mostly because I don't know how to mass bcc a text. Depending on your use of facebook, that also works.

I have also kept the old number for 30 days with a voicemail indicating the new number.
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As an aside, I got myself a Google Voice number and told everyone to use that. Then it didn't matter what my actual number was anymore. Google Voice may not be for everyone, and it does have its limits, but it also has lots of awesome features.

Since you have to inform all your contacts anyway, why not get a Google Voice number and make this the last time you have update the world with a new number?
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When you send the mass text (only way I've done it before) make sure you avoid using 'I' and put your full name in there somewhere. Otherwise you'll just get loads of replies saying, 'who is this?' and then you'll have to send another mass text.
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I would send an email. I have also sent actual postcards with new addresses and phone numbers.
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Ask MeFi is apparently somewhat effective, as at least now I know that my old number for you will no longer work.
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Response by poster: Ha ha, pretty good afiler! My solution was to transfer the old number to Google Voice and forward calls/texts/vm to the new number.
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