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Can you help me find a photo? Man clinging to a decaying brick building.

Can anyone link me to a photo - Google hasn't helped.

It's a staged / art photo. Not a candid or news photo.

It shows a man clinging to a brick wall. He is nude but is curled up, nothing X-rated is showing. He's hanging onto the ledge with his hands. It seems a bit desperate. The setting is a decaying brick building or brick courtyard with green trees and nature intruding.

Enjoyed the photo for years, lost my link. (Don't want it for any commercial, trade-marky reason, just admire it.)

Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!
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Where did you find it the first time?

You say you lost your link, so I'm guessing you found it online. But can you be any more specific than that? Do you remember what was going on with the picture (what event it was capturing)? Was it a photograph or a still from a film? Was it a news photo, amateur photo, or an art project? Was it color or black-and-white?

Is it one of these?

A creative approach:
If you want to go to great lengths to acquire this photograph, you could stage a similar scene yourself, photograph it, then search for similar images with a photo-recognition search engine like one of these:

Or just find a similar image online and use the same search engines to search.
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