Help me find a possibly Asian AIDS film
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MovieFilter: My Google skills are failing me, so help me find a film I saw years ago about AIDS/HIV, where a young-ish man videotapes his daily experiences with AIDS using a handheld camera. It's probably not the blockbuster(s) you're thinking of. More vague details inside.

Things I remember: He is frustrated at the increasing amount of medication he must take at his hospital/clinic, and he eventually leaves by himself. At one point he is moping around at a playground at night and a (drunk?) group of kids/students (?) mess with him and play with his camera. The main actor is either white or Asian, but probably the latter. It's not formatted like a documentary--it's more like a narrative, but the producer(s) might have been pushing for HIV/AIDS awareness. I believe I saw it sometime before 2005.

Possibly made in Chinese/Japanese/Korean (I can't remember the language). I don't recall the running time. I think the outcome was positive.

I wish I could remember more details, though I do remember enjoying the film.

Any help whatsoever is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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