Why is there a new user account on my laptop?
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I shut down my Macbook Pro last night and stored it in my locker at uni. When I booted it up this morning there was a new Guest Account option (which is now not an option) and my user icon changed from my personal picture to a baseball. What's going on here?
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Sounds to me like somebody is trying to tell you that you should change the lock on your locker.
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You can use the console (Command-Space, then type "console" and hit enter) to check your log files for activity on your Mac during the time it was supposed to be shut down.
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I basically know nothing about modern Macs but I can't help but notice that some MacBooks evidently have a wireless remote boot feature and "it's possible that an EFI update from Apple could add the function to Intel-based systems." Does anyone know if there are security problems with this that would have allowed someone to engage in monkey business without opening the locker?
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Response by poster: flabdablet, this is the first time I've stored my laptop at uni.
Dirtbike, that doesn't seem to work. I get this "-bash: console: command not found"
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this is the first time I've stored my laptop at uni.

Possibly not the first time somebody else has been inside your locker, though.
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Console is a program. Cmd-Space should have bought up the spotlight window for you to type into to find it. But you can manually find it in Applications / Utilities
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Best answer: It's most likely you installed a software update and the computer was waiting to reboot before it applied the changes, and when you shut it down it did. 10.7.2 and above added the Guest account feature.
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Response by poster: Oh, thanks [feeling sheepish]. So I'm looking through these logs and I have no idea what I'm looking for. Is there a specific log I want to check? And if there is no activity between the time I shut down and booted up...what would that mean?
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(or you turned on Find my Mac or iCloud, maybe without meaning to.)
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Response by poster: Oh, yes! I *did* recently convert to iCloud and perhaps haven't done a full shut down since then (just restarts).

(Why would it change my icon though? Is the baseball the default?)
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My new Macbook Air changed my adorable penguin icon to the baseball icon twice in the first week that I had it, so I'm guessing it's the default and whatever updates were coming in reset it.
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The guest icon is because of iCloud. The same thing happened to me. Drove me crazy trying to figure out why it was there. You probably were not hacked.
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Yeah, I just got a new-to-me Macbook Pro from my employer, and the icon on my account was, indeed, the baseball. I spent most of yesterday afternoon trying to figure out why our IT guy chose that particular icon for my account (WHAT DOES HE KNOW ABOUT ME THAT I DON'T?!). Mystery solved.

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