Can you identify this classic blues rock song
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Can you identify this classic/blues rock song from a 4-bar GarageBand remake of a guitar melody?

Some classic rock song has been stuck in my head for a few days, and I can't identify it. I did a quick GarageBand remake of the melody from the only section I can remember:


I imagine that this song came out in the mid-to-late 1970s, is by an American or British band, and I'm not really sure which instrument played this melody. This is likely a well-known song within its genre. I think this song is on my mind because I heard it on the radio at my aunt's house (3000 miles away) about a month ago. I don't remember any lyrics.
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Best answer: Bob Segar - Main Street
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Best answer: Here, on YouTube.
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Response by poster: Thanks! By the way, earlier today, I listened to previews of Bob Seger's "Ultimate Hits" double album on Amazon while trying to identify this song. The melody I was looking for was in the preview for this song, but at the end, which I must've skipped over.
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