Every day should be Caturday
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Help me make every day Caturday for my baby.

My toddler luuurves cat videos. They make her clap her hands and squeal and bounce with excitement. Can you help me find the cutest, bestest kitties on the internets?

She prefers the following:
1. Multiple kittens
2. No soundtracks/minimal sound other than MEOW MEOW MEOW
3. Lots of close-ups of the kitties so that MAMA THAT KITTY WANTS TO KISS ME HE IS SO CUTE I LOVE HIM YAY
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Try a search for "kitten" on wimp.com.
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Their human mom is kind of talky, but this channel has possibly the cutest kittens on the internet.
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Animal Planet's Too Cute might fit the bill. Granted there is narration, so you would probably put it on mute while she's young, but seriously, OMG, it is so awesomely adorable and very kitten focused.
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This is the best site on the internet. She posts videos a few times a week. Right now the first page is mostly about the month-long fundraiser that just ended, but that's not representative of what the blog is usually like. It's normally all kittens, all the time.
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I suppose a picture of the adorable toddler is out of the question?
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Love and Hisses is my current favorite daily dose of kitty squeee, the author posts videos fairly frequently.
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Love and Hisses also has a YouTube channel with lots of cute cat videos.
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(Also 2nding krix's recommendation for Mythic Belles, especially Cricket and India.)
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I came in to suggest Mythicbells too, krix. The mom, Molly, does like to talk, but it's in that calm tone that doesn't seem to interfere with my enjoyment much. She also has a kittencam.

I don't know how your toddler feels about dogs, but Murkin is besties with all of the kittens his mom fosters, leading to massively high levels of adorability.
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Usually just one or two cats, but the owner doesn't talk over them.
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Doesn't meet the multiple kittens part but if you want to break up the tedium with a silly, adorable, very close-up cat, there's always Maru. All hoppin' in and out of boxes! Maybe it's a little slow, a good wind-down kitty.
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Oh! How could I forget sweetfurx4? They have exotic shorthair and persian cats. Probably most famous for one of their cats that likes to eat fruit, but also just has loads of fluffy cats doing fluffy cat things. (Sometimes with dogs.)
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Live streaming of not one, not two, not three, but SEVEN kittens.
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Love Meow is all kitties all the time, and it's where I found the adorable Bub and this video, which only barely meets your criteria, but has a wee kitten being tickled with much squeakage, and I watch it daily. And they often post Maru videos, and every day is better with Maru in it.
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Thanks, everyone! We will go and mark best answers based on the volume of squealing, but this is the toddler in question, and here is her current favorite video.
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Welp, my ovaries just exploded!
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Oh man, I can't wait to hear toddler reviews of kitten videos.
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I have to say, that in performing this very important "research" today in the name of happy toddlers, I have noticed that too many people talk through what would otherwise be adorably perfect nothing but squeaking cat videos! Be quiet people! Kittens are being adorables! More like this, maybe like this, but not like this, silly humans!
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A Den of Kittens - Only a few mews, but LOTS of purring! And adorableness.
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Do you own a cat? :-)
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