Can someone recommend a good boarding kennel in London?
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Can someone recommend a good boarding kennel in London? We will be leaving the country for about two weeks for a visit home, and need to find a place for the pets while we're away.

My partner and I will be heading home for about two weeks in September, and we need a friendly, reliable place to put up our two dogs and one cat while we're away.

We're also on a fairly limited budget, and £30/night is a bit high for us.

Can anyone recommend something in the region?

(I've seen this question from Nov. 2011, but nobody seemed to answer it...)
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I've always used a pet sitter. The pet is happier, and my home is cared for too. I've tapped friends, students of mine, parents of my daughter's friends, you name it.
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Response by poster: @Capri: thanks for that. I would do that if I could; unfortunately, the pets are quite challenging individuals and furthermore - we're too new to the country to have friends who'd be up for that... :(
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