Ack I'm a punk!
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Any opinions on my chances of passing airport security and boarding a RyanAir flight in Edinburgh wearing a kilt with one three inch and eight two inch steal rings?

There aren't any sharp edges anywhere, nor any kilt pin. I once had fussy handcuffs taken away in Paris Charles de Gaulle so I'm paranoid. I could easily wear shorts under it. I'm not checking any baggage.
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Unless they're round your penis, you should be fine. I mean they're not weapons - they should be able to scan'em with the handheld, yeah?
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I'm mostly worried about the sheer size, a three inch diameter steal ring certainly isn't brass knuckles, but might still harden a fist if held inside. I could take that particular ring off and place it in my carry on, but that's unhelpful.
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Edinburgh airport has the friendliest security security staff I've encountered in the UK, for what it's worth. Try contacting the airport directly?
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If that big ring you're worried about is removable, you could avoid any worry about this by making sure you arrive early for your flight. If security has a problem with the big ring, duck back out and post it to yourself. Carry mail supplies just in case if there's no post office in the Edinburgh airport. I've done this several times when I have forgotten to pack something sharp in my checked luggage (I'm looking at you, Swiss army knife in the bottom of my purse!) and security people usually don't mind letting you run out to mail your dangerous goods.
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I should definitely check out the postage situation at Edinburgh airport. I'll probably chicken out this time around and wear my pocketless kilt over a garment with pockets.
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Have you thought of asking them? That would seem to be a potentially useful approach.
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I found it impossible to reach anyone in security at the airport.
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Security at Edinburgh doesn't take direct calls from the public, but if you call +44 131 344 3213, you'll reach someone who can pass on a message to them and get back to you.

There is at least one postbox (PDF) before security.

I'm a bit confused as to why you think the steel rings would be acceptable in carry-on luggage or a pocket if they aren't allowable attached to your kilt.
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Airport said okay "since it's attached to the kilt", probably should've clarified that it's detachable. I'll skip it this time though since I'm flying RyanAir.

RyanAir charges 100£ ($150) for checking bags at the airport. And they invent crazy reasons for making people check bags.
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