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Runtime search on CD - What is your recommendation for an inexpensive (but not free) search utility to add to a data CD for use in searching its contents?

A few years ago, AltaVista Personal fit this bill, but it is no longer an option for post-Win98 computers. dtSearch wants me to pay $2,500 for the privilege, and I'd rather not.
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I've used Copernic Desktop Search on my desktop, but I have no idea how feasible it would be to burn it and its index to a CD.
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Glimpse is commercial. Might work.

htDig is GPL, not exactly what you're looking for since it's oriented toward HTTP searching but might work.

Doodle should work.

Namazu should work.
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I'm pretty happy with WhereIsIt for years now.
It could do almost everything to catologize your cds, dvds, files ...
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