Great Blu Ray titles only available in the US?
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Great Blu Ray or DVD titles (or special editions) only available in the US or titles that are considerably cheaper in the USA? Looking to add to my collection while traveling.

I'm a film buff traveling in the USA.

Just curious of any titles that are currently only released in the USA that I might want to grab while I'm here.

Additionally, any films that have special editions specific to the USA that are worth grabbing.

I'm aware of the current sale on Criterion titles through B&N and picked up 23 of them yesterday. Any other sales like that I should be aware of?

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Just keep in mind anything you buy here will be Region 1 encoded and won't play on any other region's DVD players...unless you have a fancy region free one.
posted by Captain_Science at 2:38 PM on July 24, 2012

With blu-ray, the US and Japan are both region A, Europe, Africa, and Australia are B, and Asia is C.

That said, many if not most discs aren't region locked.
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Canada and the USA are the same region.
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