I'm looking for first-hand accounts of starting a food business
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I'm looking for blogs that are basically first-hand accounts of starting a food business.

I love to read first-hand accounts of starting a restaurant, bakery, food truck, etc, everything from designing the menu to working with vendors. In the past I've read about Quinn Popcorn, Ruxbin Restaurant and Clover Food Lab. Are there any others out there you would recommend?
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Brooklyn to West started out as documenting the renovation and design of a restaurant in California -- start from the beginning or the posts tagged with restaurant. It's definitely a design blog, but there's a lot of interesting stuff about the restaurant mixed in.
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LA's delicious Frysmith truck has a series of posts that you may enjoy ::

How To Start A Food Truck
Starting Frysmith
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Here's the first post for Edzo's.
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Building a Bakery is about, well, building Retro Bakery in Las Vegas. It's a great read that really highlights the highs and achey, burnt lows of a cupcake/cake business.

Here is Day 1.
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My sister really enjoyed reading Orangette writing about opening Delancey in Seattle, but she doesn't use tags so there's a lot of not-Delancey related food blogging in there, if that bothers you.
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Katheats.com is a sort of interesting blog about a couple starting a Great Harvest Bread franchise store.
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Slate has an article from a few years back by the guy who opened the charming little neighborhood coffeeshop of everyone's dreams.
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This lady has opened 2 cafe / restaurants in London over the past few years.
She writes really well, and seems to love her food.
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Response by poster: These are so great everyone! Keep em coming!
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A high school friend blogged about her candy business at sweetnapa.com (the entries related to candy start in late 2006, I think.) She also blogged a lot about her food experiences in general, so you might have to hunt a bit for the ones specifically about her candy. (Which was delicious, and the fact that she's since closed down makes me terribly sad. Though she did publish a candy cookbook, so I should probably get it and learn to make the candy myself.)
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In slightly not the right order, Diary of a New Food Truck Owner from my employer, CHOW. The Food Truck in question sells ice cream.
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My friends are blogging their launch of Lonestar Taco here in NYC. It's delicious.
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The produce store I used to manage has an occasional blog. Lots of fun data, if you're into that kind of thing!
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Foode in Fredericksburg, VA has been blogging for just over a year.
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The blog for Fig Tree Farm has a couple of interesting posts about the beginnings of a restaurant - searching for a place, planning the space etc etc.
The restaurant itself is Oakleaf in Pittsboro, NC. There is more current stuff on their Facebook page including links to several articles.

(I know the owners but have no stake in the restaurant)
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The Alinea Project is a thread on egullet by Kick Kokonas and Grant Achatz. There are a couple of other threads with more information; you can find them by searching for "Nick Kokonas" on egullet.

If you don't want to fool around with egullet, some of the same material is collected in the book Life, On the Line. As I recall, in the book Kokonas or Achatz talks about the decision to get involved in the discussion on egullet.
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Friends of mine started a food truck in Appleton, WI and have blogged about their experiences. Here's their website.
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