Butch swimming
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Please assist me in locating the perfect butch swimwear:

I would like the following swim suit to exist:

Small, fairly snug, "shorts" style bottoms, similar to this,
A "tank" style top, cut in what is conventionally considered a masculine style, something like this, but that has support for large breasts.

I am fine purchasing these two items from separate sites, and open to a suit that is officially a man's or a woman's but want it to have a masculine feel to it.

In my fantasy swimwear universe, this will not cost me a hundred dollars.

Thank you in advance!
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What about a surfer's rash guard, for the top?
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Could you try something like this top?

I'm thinking that if you looked more at performance wear (like for triathlons and the like), you'll find more options for "non-frilly" swim suits. The one above is still form-fitting, but it should have support for you and then you could possibly wear a tank top over it.
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Similar bottoms at Lands End (loose fit) (snug fit), $20-$35 each.
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You might want to look at triathlon gear?
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Marimacho swimsuits are cute as heck, although bottoms+top will run you about $95...
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Ooh, from catch as catch can's link: Designed to provide maximum coverage and a masculine silhouette... Fire Island Swim Top.
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While you may not ID as a transperson, this ftm swimsuit (scroll down a couple of items) is one that I know a lot of my butch friends have ordered. Some have just ordered the top to use with board shorts/etc. YMMV.
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Oh, I should mention - for years I used their consealer tshirts and board shorts as my swimsuit.
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I'm very happy with the fit and quality of the Popina swimwear I've ordered. Much of what they have does not look butch, but they do have two shorts styles that are similar to the one you linked:

High Waist Foldover Boy Short (can be folded over at waist to make a lower style)
Draw Cord Boy Short (this one is already lower waisted)

Each of these is US $38, which could put them well within your price range.
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How about This lands end tank top? It's $50 which is pricy, but boob support is worth it if you need it!
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One option which I've used is to layer a full coverage sports bra under a regular suit or rash guard. I did just come across these separates in bra sizes which might work, too. I've never come across a swimsuit built-in bra that could contain the ladies in a way I was comfortable with. I do have a nice tankini with an underwire built-in bra from Popina swim but I don't think it would count as "butch" and I wouldn't do sport swimming in it.
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I actually ordered that near to exact description swimsuit from Premier Clothing - as a repro Eduardian-era men's swimsuit. They come in two-piece as well as several other styles (men's cuts are towards the bottom). They're made to order, so specifics to the cuts and fit can be requested for each one.
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Land's End is pretty good for having a variety of mix and match pieces. They have three main types of shorts that might work:
1. board shorts (much longer legs than the shorts you linked, but will be made of a material thicker than normal "boy short" women's bottoms, so will stand away from the body more)
2. swim shorts - several lengths, intermediate body-huggingness
3. boy shorts - the most body-hugging option

Also, these swim-mates cover-up shorts might work, not sure how they are to swim in.

Possible tops, though different from your linked pic:
scoop sport tankini top
swim-mates racerback cami top - this is to be worn over a bikini top that has suitable support/control/etc
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Junonia.com sales
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Speed calls these legsuits. I had the coolest one, electric blue, but it is no more. I have this now.
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