What's the most interesting political map you've come across?
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I need a little inspiration for a project: I'm looking for unorthodox, interesting and engaging global political maps. All types of projections welcome, just looking for interesting ways of representing country boundaries in the context of a global map.
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MeFi's own desjardins has a supercool tumblr with lots of interesting examples.
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Frank Jacob’s Strange Maps posts at Big Think?
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Have you seen the upside down map?
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xkcd: United Shapes
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I like cartograms / anamorphic maps. You might like Worldmapper and Views of the World.
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Viewing the world from the tip of Asia

It's not a political map per se, but it's very interesting and unorthodox. It's from Kenya Hara's book "Redesigning Design"/ Hajime Takano's "How to Read the World Atlas." The idea is that if you tilt the world 90 degrees, it's like a pinball machine with Japan at the bottom, collecting the cultural influences that have bounced across/ down the globe starting from Rome.
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