Themes for a couple shower?
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One of my friends is getting married and I am throwing her a wedding shower. Do you have any suggestions for themes or any general advice for couples showers?

She requested a couples shower and she doesn't want to play games during the shower. She also doesn't want themed gifts, but it's okay if I give the party an overall theme. Do you have any suggestions for themes or any general advice for couples showers? The shower is going to be at my house.

I'd like to throw her a cute party but I feel stuck on how to plan it. I haven't been to many wedding showers and I've never been to a couples shower. Thanks in advance.
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I'd say if she doesn't want themed gifts and no games, she's probably pretty low-key, so maybe your theme should be something like "How Sweet It Is" and have a ton of pastries and cakes and candies, or some other type of food theme. That will cut back on the cheesiness factor and still be kind of fun.

Jack and Jill showers always seem to be more of just a big party than a traditional shower, so anything that keeps the party atmosphere and minimizes the "Let's dress the bride in a toilet paper dress!" will probably be appreciated.
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We had a great couples shower at our house before our wedding. We had our shower at the house because it was just easier.

Nice food, bar, and presents. That's really all you need.

We sat around, chit-chatted, discussed each other's lives and had a nice time. You might want to show the Simpsons on DVD or buy a Pay Per View event like boxing to make it interesting.

You could have a luau which is just a fun summer party.

The only difference between this kind of shower and a party is a cake and opening presents.

If you have it at around 2:00 pm on a Saturday, you won't have to put out anything really substantial to eat and you'll have people out of the house by around 6:00.

You could do a playlist of nice song suitable for a wedding shower. That's about as far as I'd go.
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I'm not sure on the age group you are planning this for, but the most enjoyable and non-annoying shower I've gone to involved
  • grilling out on the deck on a nice early afternoon with two or three choices of beverages (beer, some fruity alcoholic cocktail, and a non-alcoholic beverage)
  • a photo slideshow of the featured guests with quiet music that they like in the background
  • and good company
Make some informal introductions of everyone who is there (oftentimes family on one side won't know the family on the other, and neither will know all the friends).

Maybe in the invitations request that the guests bring a favorite photo or story to share of the bride and/or groom. (This can help keep conversations flowing.)

She says she doesn't want any games, but in my experience, sometimes having a yard game like bean bag throw or ladder golf as an available option can help alleviate some anxiety. (I have male friends who are uncomfortable socializing if there isn't some kind of purpose or task to do, so a pick-up game of ladder golf helps keep them happy.)

Do you know where the honeymoon will be? Or is the proposal story or how-we-met story in a thematic place? Perhaps use that as a decoration, food or music theme.
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Love the honeymoon venue as inspiration for the theme.

Guys do not get the whole "shower" thing at all, so keep it simple. My husband's favorite couple shower that we attended had a taco bar & cold beers. That was all he needed.
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I threw an engagement party with a friend for our mutual friend and her fiance. We specified "engagement party" to make it equally appealing to both genders, and while we bought some wedding-specific balloons we kept the color scheme low key. I went a bit nuts with glow sticks and ninja/superhero ducks from Oriental Trading, to be honest, and we had zero thematic food whatsoever: hummus, nibbles, lasagnas, salad...

It seemed to go pretty well! It was really great to spend more time with her fiance and his friends, as well as other parts of their social circle. It was extremely low key and there were no presents other than wine and food contributions. We did have a couple of games ready, but the whole night kind of flew by, so we ended up not using them.
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Response by poster: These answers were all very helpful. Thanks so much!
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