Owl pellet diorama art in mid-90's Pasadena?
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Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA: what was the name of the artist who had a show of skeletons salvaged from owl pellets arranged into little dioramas? Circa 1995 or so.

I saw a show in the main gallery of the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena, California. It would have been some time between 1993 and 1998, likely around 1995.

The artist, who I think was a woman but can't be certain, created dioramas using mouse skeletons salvaged from owl pellets. They were lovely and complex, showing scenes from life as well as more fantasy-type scenes. Sadly, I can't think of anything specific. I'd like to see the work again-- can anyone help me find the artist's name?

The Armory's website on past exhibits only goes to 2001.
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Well, there's Alistair Mackie. Blog entry from last year with pictures.
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(understand this is not who you're thinking of, but this might lead to other artists, including the target)
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And it led me to Lena Rushing. Seems she's mainly painting now, but scroll down to see dioramas incorporating mouse skulls.
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Perhaps you're thinking of Rosamond Purcell?
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Contact the armory and ask them for help identifying the artist. They will have someone on staff who handles this type of inquiry.

I did this many years ago for a report in college, though it was the Denver museum of art. They were extremely helpful.
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This was answered privately, for which I am incredibly grateful. The name we were looking for is Sarah Perry.

Thanks to everyone who answered-- even the "wrong" answers are still interesting and helpful!
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