What am I seeing on the screen in my mind?
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TV/Movie Title Sequence Filter: For production reference I'm trying to figure out what tv/movie title sequence I am picturing - it's from the 60s (or has that retro feel), is an animation of/or including straight lines in different arrangements, they are (sometimes?) blue.

Even if you can't pinpoint the specific one in my head, your suggestions will be helpful.
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Sounds like something Saul Bass would do. Perhaps you're thinking of Charade?
posted by Hello Darling at 9:02 PM on July 23, 2012

*Saul Bass or Maurice Binder. Film nerd fail.
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This is too vague to trigger anything for me. More details would be great.
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Yeah, it's probably something Saul Bass. Here's a collection of his title sequences.
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The Mentalist's title sequence fits your description.
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They're not blue, but Saul Bass' titles for The Man with the Golden Arm is all straight lines in different arrangements.
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this reminds me of the intro to the Jeeves & Wooster series.
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Catch Me If You Can has a very Bassian title sequence.
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Your description reminded me of Cowboy Bebop.
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Well, not title sequences... but might you be thinking of The Dot and the Line (Chuck Jones out of Norman Juster) or The Critic(Mel Brooks)?
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Saul Bass is a very good possibility. That collection is great! I'm working my way through looking up all the titles, but in the mean time:

The lines are thin, mostly vertical. They move in staccato tempo along with the music. They don't take up the whole screen. Sometimes they overlap each other a little -- like pick up sticks. The background is black. I wish I had more details to give!

Thanks for turning me on to The Critic! Not what I was thinking, but hilarious.
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