How can I export wordpress to txt files (one entry one txt)?
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How can I export wordpress to txt files (one entry one txt)?

I have been using wordpress as a journal tool and have around 2000 posts by now. And then I decided to use some off-line tools to replace the wordpress-powered blog.

Now I need to export my entire wordpress blog to a batch of txt files, i.e. one entry one text file so that I can import them to GS Notes (the offline tool I choose and bought).

Is there any easy way to do the task?

Additional information: there is no comment/picture for any of the posts. Just simple texts are there.
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You can export your whole blog using Tools > Export and get an xml file. You can use various tools to parse that down into something like that.

I have a hard time believing you only want text files. I expect you'll want dates and titles of some kind. And regardless in 2000 posts you may still have html in there - does GS Notes include support for HTML?

From what little documentation I could find, I'm wondering if you could just feed GS Notes a list of URLs for all your posts and have it import each.

Another approach might be to use something like lynx --dump to script crawling your site and saving each file.

Sorry my answer is so disjointed, but a blog export to a structured data format really needs to be done with a lot of forethought and testing of some sample data. I've been burned with blog exports and imports that were done without that forethought.
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There is also a plugin that converts your wordpress entries into a big Excel file: Export to Text. You can then use a little bit of Excel Macro Stuff to get what you need.

You will have to edit the Excel first in order to delete all not needed columns.
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@KMB, thanks a lot. That works. Excel VBA is amazing.
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