Where did I see this funny Esperanto-like language?
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Does anyone remember a site featuring a hilarious made up language that mashed up various European languages? (Not Esperanto!) The texts were, I believe, poking fun at the EU.

As I said, this was not Esperanto, though it was very similar in the way you could understand it if you knew most of the languages used. I don't think it bothered with its own grammar - it would be something like "If you lisez this Absatz you will scoprire that it's all a tas of Scheiße."

I read this in 2001 or 2002 and am finding it kinda hard to google for, if it even still exists. Thanks!
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Europanto is actually more useful than one would assume…
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THAT'S IT!!!! Oh AskMe, I love you!! (And zsazsa, specifically! In a non-creepy way)
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Ooh wow, thanks gnfti!! So much more to explore!
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