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Vegan goodies that travel well by mail?

I know about egg substitution and milk substitution for baked goods, but any specific recipes?

I've got a vegan version of blueberry boy bait that's pretty good, though I have worries about how it'll travel. It's going into the parcel anyways for REASONS, but any other suggestions?

(These are being mailed by regular, domestic US mail in summertime and received in a place where it's definitely summer, so melt-proof is pretty much a must.)
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Vegan jerky? (Though this is usually found online anyhow, it could just be shipped straight to the recipient.)
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I have made Armenian Lenten Bread, which is fun to make and ships well. It's kind of like a flaky, chewy pita with a tahini and sugar filling. I make half recipes (so you only have one ball to roll out). This makes 6 disks, which is plenty to mail and take in to work and eat yourself. I have mailed this, and it has survived a couple of days of domestic mail to rave reviews (or maybe they were being kind).

Rotating your baking pans halfway through seems important, if your oven is at all hot-spotty.
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These macadamia ginger crunch drop cookies are fabulous, vegan, and would travel well.
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Homemade granola using maple syrup would be a delight to get as a gift, it's super customizable, and as long as it's in an air tight container and doesn't have anything melty in it, it travels very well!
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These Mexican Chocolate Snickerdoodles are from the same book as the cookies k8lin mentions and are delicious, sturdy, and easy to make.
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Made the Armenian Lenten Bread and the macadamia ginger cruch drop cookies, which are ridiculously good. Next time, granola and Mexican chocolate snickerdoodles!

Thanks, guys! And definitely checking out the Post Punk Kitchen cookbook!
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