My TV is dead.
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I have an Olevia LCD TV bought in 2008. For about a week, it would have no sound on any input after being turned on but a quick power cycle would fix it. Now it's stone-cold dead. No glowing LED on the power button like normal and it is definitely plugged in properly to a live outlet. What should I do now?

Is it likely a power supply? Can I get a replacement and install it with limited electronics experience (I can solder a bit). Worth having repaired?
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I can't imagine that it is worth having repaired. You are looking at probably minimum $150 for labor, plus parts. Unless this is a monster 54" screen you can probably buy a new one for less than 2X the cost of repair.
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I'm thinking it's time for a new one. Even in the past 4 years the prices have fallen and the technology is better.

You'll feel better about a new one, under full warantee than paying nearly as much to repair the one you have (if indeed you can repair it.)
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I have an Olevia of similar vintage, and have had the No LED Omen of Doom before. What's worked for me is to unplug the TV from the outlet (really unplug it -- don't just turn off a power strip), and wait for a few minutes. Then say a quick prayer to the Gods of Television, plug it back in, and turn it on. Worth a try before you buy a new one, at any rate. Good luck!
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If Shoggoth's suggestion doesn't work, I agree that it is too expensive to mess with. I suggest finding a cheap, used TV on Craigslist.
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