Need help finding Stephen King Book
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Long ago I had a book of collected Stephen King interviews, published chronologically based on the title he was promoting. What was it?

My memory is it was a basic, paperback book with a yellow cover bought cheap in 1991. I remember it so vividly, there was an interview pre-Shining release where he talked about the trailer and how intense it was and how Kubrick was going to make the entire movie that intense, then pages later a post-release interview where King talked about what a piece of shit movie Kubrick's Shining was because it missed the entire point of his novel.

There are so many King interview books and biographies, but can anyone help me find this gem of my teen years?
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Best answer: In the Library of Congress catalog, under the subject heading "King, Stephen, 1947- -- Interviews.", there are three books listed:

1. Fangoria: Masters of the Dark, ed. Anthony Timpone. This one is from 1997, it has interviews of both Stephen King and Clive Barker, and the cover is not at all yellow. All wrong.

2. Feast of Fear: Conversations with Stephen King, ed. Tim Underwood and Chuck Miller: 1989 in hardcover, 1992 in paperback, a little too late by your specifications, and the paperback cover is red and black, not yellow.

3. Bare Bones: Conversations on Terror with Stephen King, ed. Tim Underwood and Chuck Miller: 1988 in hardcover, 1989 in paperback, and the paperback cover could certainly be considered yellow. King does discuss Kubrick's The Shining in this book, according to the Publishers Weekly blurb on the Amazon page, and according to this essay, which quotes a bit from the book on this subject. As for the organization, this review on GoodReads says the interviews are "grouped by content - books, films, etc - rather than year"; I'm not sure if that fits your specification or not.

So, my guess is Bare Bones.
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