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Cataract surgery + implant filter: My mother is about to have the first of two cataract surgeries and is considering bifocal implants.

My mother is in her early 70's and wears bifocal glasses now. She's very active, still works, and seems like a good candidate for bifocal implants. I've done some research and am intrigued by the Crystalens (thanks to an AskMetafilter question from 2009) as it reportedly has better outcomes for night driving after surgery.

Any experiences with the decision to get implants during cataract surgery, choices you would have made differently, and input about specific implants are welcome!
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They are actually called multi-focal (or sometimes accomodative) lenses. After cataract surgery, EVERYONE gets a lens implant. The only question is whether she gets the old-fashioned standard lenses, or the newer generation multi-focal or accomodative lenses.

Most doctors today like to go with multi-focals, and that's what my mother has. She has a Restor in one eye, and a Rezoom in the other (it's not too uncommon for a patient to have two different lenses). For whatever reason, the doctor decided against Crystalens. The doctor will decide which is the best option for your mother.

In my mom's case, she sees great and does not need glasses for reading. I would just tell the doctor that your mother doesn't want to have to wear reading glasses after the surgery, and let him decide which lenses to use.
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My mom had cataracts super-early (when she was in her 40s). She's had her implanted lenses for more than 20 years now with no problems!
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