Nonsmoking 80s dancing in Asheville, NC?
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Is there a regular dance night in or around Asheville, NC, that includes '80s music but is nonsmoking?

I think that Club Hairspray and Broadway's have them on Wednesdays, but both appear to be smoking clubs. But I have no first-hand experience. Any help?
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There aren't any smoking clubs left in Asheville. Broadways is definitely nonsmoking - I mean, you can go out on the deck and smoke and everyone does, but it's been nonsmoking inside for a couple of years now.
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Yes, you can't smoke inside anywhere in NC (except private clubs) since 2010. So you're good. Also, check the Mountain Express local weekly paper. It lists what's happening every night in every club.
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Okay, Broadway's seems to be run as a "private club." I assumed it was for the smoking, but maybe it's more for hours or some other reason. Anyway, if it's nonsmoking, that's where we'll be going.
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It's a private club for the same reason a lot of smaller bars are: NC liquor laws. If you want to serve mixed drinks then you have to make at least 50% of your income from food OR be a private club. That would be why places like the Orange Peel and the Gray Eagle are beer and wine only and Broadways and the Bywater are private clubs. They're relaxing a lot of those laws now but for years they were really strict about it. Hence, private club. It costs $5 to get a Broadways membership (full disclosure: I've been a member for, oh, more years than I really want to admit) and I don't know if you can use it right away, so you might just want to go with friends who are already members the first time. Almost everyone in Asheville is a member, so it shouldn't be hard to find anyone.
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I'm pretty sure you can get same-day membership at Broadways. I know they had a banner to that effect hanging off the deck during Downtown After Five last year.
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