Atlantic City for a day?
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You're a non-rich post-grad in Atlantic City for a day or two. What would be a fun time?
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The shore - although in Jersey you have to pay a few bucks to get on the beach.

Walking on the boardwalk, checking out the shops is fun...

If you like to gamble, you can kill a few hours relatively cheaply at casino quarter slots. And I believe drinks are free in the casinos.

There are all sorts of concerts and shows at the various casinos, probably sold through Ticketmaster but I'm not sure...

I haven't been to AC in years, but if you're looking for a culturally stimulating experience, I don't think you'll find much. It's a shore town with a ton of huge casinos.
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No beach tags needed in Atlantic City.

Kitschy shops along the Boardwalk. Try some saltwater taffy. The White House (2301 Arctic Ave., four blocks from the beach) has the best hoagies. Excellent beer bar (Firewaters) in the groundfloor of the Tropicana, right off the Boardwalk. Rent a bike to ride the boards. Take a half-day fishing trip from Gardner's Basin. Ride the jitney around town cheap -- it's the oldest non-subsidized public transportation system in America. Visit the Atlantic City Arts Center at the northern end of the Boardwalk. Catch the A.C. Surf, the local minor league baseball team; the stadium at Bader Field has a fantastic view, especially at night, of the A.C. skyline. Convention Hall (now known as Boardwalk Hall, home of Miss America) often has something going on inside. It's worth stepping in the door for a peek -- it's immense, the place (built in the '20s) once hosted indoor football games. Casino restaurants can be very good, but expensive. You're better off elbowing the seniors in the buffet line, or heading to Atlantic Avenue for Italian or Mexican. The entertainment can be top-rate, but ALWAYS expensive. There are a number of non-casino nightclubs, though the better ones are downbeach and a cab ride away.
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Try to find enough cash to go to a "Legends" show of imitators (they have something like 5 artists imitating Elvis, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, etc). It's extremely lame, so much so that it's absolutely awesome.
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Go to Cape May and visit the lighthouse.
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