Tracking exercise minutes
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I'm looking for a simple iPhone app: I want to start exercising for 30 mins./day most days of the week, but I may not always get in the 30 mins. at once. (Apparently, it doesn't matter.) I want an app that tracks my daily minutes of exercise (e.g., 10 mins. here, 10 mins. there) and tells me how much more I have at that moment till I get to my 30-minute daily target. It'd also be nice if it told me my weekly minutes up to that point. I track my food in another app, so I don't need it to track calories.
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Hrmm, the built in Clock app will do this. Set a timer for 30 minutes. Pause when you're on a break.
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The SparkPeople app will track fitness minutes, by day and week.
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Built-in Clock + Daytum
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Daily Tracker is the most flexible tracker for keeping track of stuff and showing you your progress over time (up to by year).
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