Does anyone want old computer memory?
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Just replaced the memory in my MacBook Pro (was 2GB, now is 6GB) - what should I do with the old memory sticks?

So now I have two 1GB memory sticks from a 4+ year-old computer. I'd be happy to sell them, but I think they're worth $10 or so at most, and I couldn't find a website that would be particularly interested (maybe because shipping costs and other transaction costs mean this is almost pointless). I'd be happy to donate the memory, but again my Google-fu has failed me. Suggestions?
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Craigslist free?
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In my experience 1 GB won't get you money.

If you put it up on Facebook and say 'anyone want 2 1 GB laptop sticks of memory?' Someone might say yes.
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amazon? iirc, you can send them things, they will hang onto them, and pay you when they least for books
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I sold 2 x 2GB sticks on eBay recently.
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Hang onto them in case the new memory goes bad and you need a temporary replacement.
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Beaten to the punch. Definitely keep them in a drawer somewhere just in case.
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Do you have a local community center that repairs computers? They would appreciate the donation?
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Ask around--I bet you know somebody that could use them.
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I replaced my original 4GB of RAM with 8GB a few months back. I just put the old memory in a ziploc bag with a note saying what they were, and put them in my laptop's box. (figuring I'd have them as backup in case my new memory was, or ever went, bad).
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Two years ago I upgraded my black MacBook from 2 GB to 4 GB, but I kept the factory RAM safe and sound. A few weeks ago, I got a new MacBook Air, so when I went to get rid of resell my old laptop, I put the factory RAM back in and sold the 4 GB of upgraded RAM on eBay for a pretty penny.

My advice: hold on to the factory RAM.
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I'd keep them just in case something goes wrong with your new RAM. At the very least if needed you can put them back in the new computer until you get replacements.
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