Help me find this book set in Venice!
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Book search: looking to find the title/author of a mystery set in Venice. Likely NOT Donna Leon, the mystery features a married British couple in Venice on vacation. Plot elements may include a suitcase of books, a murder that takes place at a film festival or fashion show. The couple become involved in solving the case. Published in the last decade, perhaps. Thanks!
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Darker and older than your description, but maybe The Comfort of Strangers?
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Here's a list of books set in Venice.
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Haughton Murphy's "A Very Venetian Murder", perhaps? Number 7 in a series featuring retired New York City lawyer Reuben Frost and his ballet dancer wife Cynthia; set in Venice, about the murder of a fashion designer. It's earlier than this last decade --- published in 1993 --- but fits the rest of your specifications. (Muphy was the alter ego of James Duffy, a real-life NY lawyer.)
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Wow -- the list of books set in Venice is exhaustive! Thanks.

Very Venetian Murder and Comfort of Strangers are good suggestions -- will pass them along to see if they elicit recollection.

More answers welcome!
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Turns out it wa Very Venetian Murder! Thanks, easily confused.
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