That's enough! says Riker
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I'm looking for an episode of Star Trek the Next Generation where Riker hits a table and yells that's enough!

He might not say that exact phrase, because I can't find it on the Internet. I'm pretty sure that he is in a meeting in the briefing room. They are trying to solve some kind of a problem, and Riker gets irritated and decides they just have to go solve the problem.

Unfortunately I remember nothing about the problem, what season it was in, or anything at all about the rest of the episode.
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Unfortunately it's not Schisms - he doesn't hit a table in that episode with his hand, even though tables do appear to central in Schisms.
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On my phone, but off the top of my head, Frame of Mind is the first that came to mind. Another possibility is Future Imperfect. Perhaps older Riker in All Good Things?
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Riker gets mighty annoyed with the Kes & Prytt ambassadors in Attached the episode in which Picard & Crusher have been kidnapped and have had neural devices implanted that give them a telepathic link. From that link (bolding mine):
Fed up by the two nations' lack of communication, Riker has Worf transport the Prytt Security Minister, Lorin, to the observation lounge against her will, to force a dialogue with Mauric. However, the "dialogue" is entirely unproductive, as the two ministers hurl various conspiracy theories at each other – for instance, Lorin says the Prytt "know" about the Kes's plans to build new orbital attack satellites with Federation technology – and so on.
Riker slams a hand down on the table and tells both ministers he is finished with them.
I haven't watched the episode in years, though, so I can't be sure whether it transpires exactly as you describe.
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Yeah, Johnny Assay has it: it appears the scene you seek occurs in Attached, season 7 episode 8, although Riker doesn't say "That's enough!" At about the 36 min 30 sec mark Riker slams the table and says, "That's it!"
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That sounds like it! You have just made my boyfriend's parents really happy. Thank you!

We will watch the episode tonight. :D
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