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I'm looking for some premium, gourmet, fancy-pants spices (e.g., saffron, really good vanilla beans, etc.) as a gift for a food-savvy friend. I'm clueless about where to look, and Google turns up all kinds of shady e-commerce sites. Where do I go for the really nice, high-quality stuff?
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I wholeheartedly recommend the completely awesome World Spice based right here in Seattle.
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Best answer: Penzey's Spices has all kinds of gourmet spices and is reasonably priced. They have gift baskets, and also empty baskets that you can fill with spices you choose.
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I second Penzey's.
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I second (on preview: third) Penzey's. Kalustyan's is also great for spices and other products.
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kalustyan's rocks. That's where I go for the best cumin and paprika in the city.
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I have given various Dean & Deluca spice sets as gifts -- and the recipients have really liked them.
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Mmmmmmm....Spice House....
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And I second the Spice House.
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I'll second World Spice. The Chipotle and Ancho chili powder mixes are especially good.
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can i tag on a rider: any great spice shops in Vancouver?
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Penzey's is reliable and has everything, but you might also try Zingerman's mail-order, especially if your friend goes for the exotic stuff. They've got good saffron and vanilla, but they've also got indigenous spices from Australia, sea salts and peppercorns from around the world, and some other rare odds and ends. (Check out the rest of their site too; they're the best when it comes to olive oil, vinegar and handmade cheeses.)

No, I don't work there. They're just a local business from my home town, and one of the things that made me proud to live there.
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I came in this thread to suggest Kalustyan's, so, yeah, I'll second that.
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A fifth vote on Penzey's. There may be reasons to shop elsewhere, but they require more thorough knowledge about one's own particularities and idiosyncracies.
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If you really want to blow a gourmet away, there's nothing better than a vintage balsamic vinegar. My wife got me a 100-year-old bottle from Di Bruno Brothers.
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Penzey's for sure.
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Using saffron as a benchmark because it's so difficult to harvest as is therefore the most expensive spice there is, I checked World Merchants, Dean and Deluca, Kalustyans, and Penzey's offerings. Penzeys is the one who seems to have the best. I couldn't really judge Kalustyans though because there was no photo or explanatory information.

For info, Indian saffron is the finest quality saffron you can buy, followed by Moroccan, followed by Iranian. Also, never let anyone sell you powdered saffron, as it will have almost no flavor.
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Kalustyans, good lord yes, they have like 5 kinds of black peppercorns, dried keffir lime leaves, garam masala that has not been ground up, truffle everything, everything you can think of.

Also, I recently found Nirmala's Kitchen. They have great gift packages, salt from France, Japan (a green tea blend) and Australia. Lovely.
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nothing new here, but in case you're still uncertain: one more vote for PENZEY's. Received a huge crate of spices as a wedding gift and was totally sold!! great customer service as well.
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I've been hearing lots of raves for these organic, sustainably harvested vanilla beans. They were recently linked on MetaEfficient and the LJ food_porn community.
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I have had good luck with for spices, but some of the dedicated spice places already described here will probably have a little broader variety. ChefShop is more of a general gourmet food shop. They have lots of great gift items.
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Fleur de-sel. I don't know if the (post?)graduate students got the authorities in Portugal for them to sell it as a food aditive yet. I have no idea where to get it, sorry - been looking for it locally, myself.
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Herbs-not-Spices reply: The Shakers at Sabbathday Lake, Maine, sell herbs. You might also consider a pot of fresh herbs. It's nice to have fresh rosemary, chives, sage, and other herbs out of season.
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An nth for Penzey's, even though I live near Zingerman's. Both have excellent customer service, and will talk you through orders, if needed.
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A tangent: the folks over at America's Test Kitchen did a testing with various vanilla beans, real vanilla extract, and imitation vanilla. They were shocked, SHOCKED!, to find out that no one could taste the difference between real and imitation vanilla.

So forget about the vanilla beans and buy more saffron instead. :)
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Penzey's ROCKS!!!
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Just got our first Penzey's shipment. Opening up that box and taking a whiff of each spice just makes you want to cook. Plus, the bonus spices are always nice.
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Another vote for Spice House here. And they sell really cool gift boxes.
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Spice House just cuz it's in Milwaukee, an' I love me some Milwaukee. (Penzey's is good too, though.)
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Melinika... I just got my package of organically grown/sustainably harvested vanilla beans this morning. My whole house is filled with their intoxicating aroma.

* drools *

Oh... and Penzeys. Definitely Penzeys.
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