Looking to find a good reputable screen replacement vendor.
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Looking to find a good reputable screen replacement vendor. Some of my end users (CEO among them) have recently broken their smart phone screens. I'd like to find a good vendor who can replace the screens and they've got to work on more than just iPhones. Thanks!
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I live in the same town as one location of JDC Repair, and I know three people who've used them. Being in town we naturally benefit from a quicker turnaround from the shipping-time saved alone, but my friends have all had good experiences, and in the emails I exchanged with them (about a phone that ended up not being worth fixing) I got some intelligent advice and responses. They definitely work on other phones, such as android phones and, I presume, WinPho7. They recently moved because their business in Seattle was expanding so much.
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Whoops, it's JCD Repair. Doh! (I think it was once Jet City something.. which is a largely obsolete name for Seattle.)
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