Gift ideas for someone moving to Chicago
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One of my best friends is moving to Chicago at the end of September, got any gift ideas?

I found this question asked about 5 years ago ( and it certainly has some good ideas. But 5 years is a long time for ideas to change, new places to open, old places to close, etc. Any suggestions?

My friend is 30 years old, currently in a relationship, but I don't know if he is relocating with her or not, so both single and couple ideas are welcome. She is moving from Pittsburgh, so cold-weather clothing/ideas aren't quite as necessary. Thanks everyone.
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I also asked a similar question- in 2008, but maybe it will help?

Having since lived there myself (just for a summer)- I suggest gift certificates to Hot Doug's and IO Theater.
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A gift certificate and reservation at a prime time (so book it at least three months in advance) to Girl and the Goat!
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They don't seem to offer gift certificates, so it might need to be more of a "let me know when you can go and I'll book it" kind of thing, but the Chicago Architecture Foundation Boat Tours are a really awesome intro to the city. Don't worry too much about it being fall, we often have very warm fall days.
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Something for home : An Ork Chicago poster! Every Chicagoan owns (or at least has seen and hopefully has fallen in love with them!)

Something for fun : Had a great time on a Chicago History Museum Pub Crawl (We went on a Chicago's best dive bars one)
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Tickets to The Book Of Mormon

Gift certificate to Franks 'n Dawgs, it's like Hot Doug's but a little more gourmet and the lines aren't crazy long

Has she picked a neighborhood to live in yet?
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Art institute membership was the best chicago gift I ever got. We had a family membership that let us bring visitors, which was very cool. There's a members lounge you can go hang out in and drink tea while looking at art books.
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If your friend is has even a small interest in art, I would second the membership to the Art Institute. I got one for my friend for several years and it ended up being a great gift not only because she could go whenever she wanted and bring a guest, but while she was unemployed for an extended period, she enjoyed going to the members' lounge. In addition to free coffee and tea, I believe that it also has free wi-fi, so it became an inexpensive place for her to work on her job search outside of her apartment when she needed a change of scenery.

I would add a membership to the Chicago Architecture Foundation. They have a great program of walking and bike tours. Same friend has lived in Chicago over 10 years, has consistently had a membership and still enjoys going on the tours. They are also great for bringing out of town guests. She also has this City Walks: Chicago boxed set of cards with various suggestions for walks. You could give them both as a set, that way he would have something to open.
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