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Please reccomend Social Media Monitoring software or services.

We are a small advertising / online agency and we'd like to offer social media monitoring services to our clients. For this, we'd need either:

1) Powerful, comprehensive software, either desktop or online.

2) A whitelabel service, that we could resell to our clients.

Either option should allow us to generate daily reports considering all major social media sites.

We're not in the US, but wouldn't have a problem working long distance.
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I recently did some research about this on behalf of a client, so here's what I found:

I had a great conversation with Brandwatch (no free trials, and they pre-screen you with a sales call), and was really impressed with the power and the reach of the program. I believe the minimum monthly fee (and it's month by month, which is nice) is $600. You can monitor any number of keywords on behalf of any number of clients, but the results are capped at a certain number, if that makes sense. They also offer a whitelabel service (not sure of the subscription cost). It's a cloud service - they all are these days.

Trackur and Rankur are also worth looking into, as they are cheaper (but not as powerful). Trackur's interface is nowhere near as good as Brandwatch, though. Same goes for Rankur.

BrandsEye is about $200 a month for the minimum subscription, although I never saw any screenshots, and they require a qualifying phone call. Same as Radian6. These two companies never got back to me after I completed the online query form.

One company that I was not impressed with was Alterian. Although they're supposedly one of the top reputation management providers, the website is terrible, and the sign-up process does not recognize telephone numbers (which are required) unless they are from South Africa, where the company is headquartered.

So, yeah, Brandwatch is a very sweet product, but ultimately I could not recommend it to our client, as the client (a relatively "small" $1 billion investment services company) is really just starting out with product rollout and lead gen; there's no one really talking about them, and they are not a global company.

So for the next year we're sticking with plain old Google Alerts and regular weekly manual scans.

But Brandwatch is worth a shot. And, just to make sure it doesn't sound like I'm a paid hack, I must say that the New York-based sales rep who contacted me was unaware that Canada has different time zones, or what "PDST" means.
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I've heard that radian6 is very good.
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Radian6 is fantastic, but really expensive for a small agency. Here's a link to their agency pricing.
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