Looking for awesome "of the month" clubs
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What are some awesome/offbeat/unexpected "of the month" clubs?

For my birthday my brother signed me up for a sunglasses of the month club and it might be the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Every month they send me some sunglasses at random, stuff I'd never pick for myself, and they are (so far) always hilariously awesome. I love getting something in the mail, something relatively small that doesn't clutter up my home and also that I can share with people. I especially love that it gives me something to which to look forward; this is very important for me.

With this in mind, what are some other "of the month" clubs I could join or get for friends that are awesome and not ludicrously expensive? I don't want anything with food or alcohol (no wine, beer, cheese, chocolate, fruit, veggies -- nothing with calories no matter how great it is). I'm also not looking for anything that requires me to give a size (clothes) although accessories would be fine. Something like umbrellas would be awesome. Basically anything neat, fairly small, pretty inexpensive, and varied enough to be an exciting surprise for which I can sign up on a monthly basis. Thanks!
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One of the new ecommerce rages is "curated monthly boxes." You sign up, pay $X per month and you get a box of stuff "hand selected" that conforms to some theme.

This thread has quite a few listed.
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Birchbox does this for cosmetics and other random "stuff."
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Seconding Birchbox - I actually got a subscription for my best friend, and it's even more fun when you can compare boxes, which are sometimes the same and sometimes different.
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Not Another Bill sends out surprise packages monthly, for £15 internationally and £10 in the UK.

If I had more space I'd sunbscrinbe to Stack Magazines, who do a similar thing but with English language magazines.
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Pencils/office supplies/stationery of the month, from Rad and Hungry. Each month has a set of different desky stuff from a different country, with an eye towards the aesthetically pleasing. I want this so bad.
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The Regional Assembly of Text (Vancouver, BC print and stationery shop) has two "of-the-month" clubs: Button a Month and Little Book a Month. I received a book subscription one year for Christmas, and it was cool to get a little chapbook in the mail every month!
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I did some research on this for my girlfriend's birthday. She was already getting BirchBox and loved it, so I wanted something new but similar.

A lot of the boxes seem excessively expensive to me. Birchbox is $10 a month. But other services are $40 or $50 a month for random stuff, and that's a little much. I did sign up for samplrs for $30 a month, which is full size small-batch gourmet food products. The first box we got was nice but still $30 is a lot, so we will see.

I also signed up for Papirmasse, which is $5 a month for a random art print. This is pretty fun but a lot of the art is not to my taste.
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If you're into arts & crafts, there's Whimsey Box for $25/month.
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Thanks everyone! I can't get all of these because I am not fantastically wealthy but I really appreciate the suggestions. I would love to hear more!

If I can convince Mr. Pterodactyl that it is somehow an "investment" I will definitely sign up for the Whimsey Box, I love random crafty stuff, especially when it's well organized in attractive boxes. Perhaps it is an investment in keeping me out of the craft store, that should be worth at LEAST $25/month.
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I bought a button of the month club for a friend when she moved to London from Vancouver a few years ago, to remind her of home. She reported monthly delight. They also have wee books of the month club.
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Oh, crap. How did I miss it had already been posted?
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Tonx is a small batch coffee roaster who offers a subscription service. Their beans are tops!
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My roommate receives a new pair of stunner shades every month through this website.
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hefeweizen, that's what my brother got me! IT IS SO FANTASTIC! My only problem is that now I spend all my time being like "when will my new sunglasses come? How awesome will they be? Will they be awesome enough?" and the answer is always yes.
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I love the petite stationary crate from lost crates for $25 a month. You can also browse their other crates such as the foodie or random houseware ones (that are more expensive).
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I'm a member of Belle Blossoms Blossom of the Month club and I love it. I probably only keep about half the flowers (I prefer tropical flowers to things like roses) but it's well worth it for me just because it's so fun. I pretty much forget I'm a member every month until the package arrives.
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Late to the party, but LOOK what I found: comprehensive, specified list of subscriptions for everything from cosmetics to eco-friendly products to food to kids/parenting products to art to crafts to books and magazines to... Best of all, list includes organizations specified according to where they ship. Yes! Europe, UK, Australia and Canada unite!
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Coffee doesn't really have calories if you drink it black I don't think you have to give Sock Panda a size (although you can choose between men's and women's, as well as "bold" and "cool"), $9/month.
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Umba Box has monthly etsy-esque crafts every month. I've gotten a bracelet, a necklace, candy, soap, a little notepad, a purse, a magnet, and some other miscellaneous stuff every month.
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I've been kinda wanting to sign up for Dive bar shirt club.
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Pocket square of the every other month club by Put This On, Jesse Thorn's men's fashion blog. Been thinking about it.
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I'm loving this thread! I had a Birchbox sub but I cancelled it. I wanted costmetics/skincare samples but the stuff they sent was often kind of strange. Haircare I'd never heard of, a Kind bar (which, to be fair was delicious), and one time, laundry detergent. I cancelled right after the laundry detergent. I mean, I was like, WTF???

A similar service which I've never tried is Glossybox.

Think I might try the socks or sunglasses for myself, and then give some subs as gifts if I like them!
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Dollar shave club - http://www.dollarshaveclub.com/
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Pickle of the Month and Nebraska of the Month are only two of the many offers from MonthClub.com.
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You can sorta subscribe to bloggers here.
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Bespoke Post has a monthly giftbox for 'gentlemen' that usually looks pretty awesome, even if you're not a gentleman. There's also good & lovely for the ladies. I know you're not looking for kid stuff, but there are some cool ones just in case: Babbabox, little pnuts, wittlebee, kiwicrate, and citruslane.
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