List places to teach/instruct/adjunct undergrad Math in Seattle?
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List places to teach/instruct/adjunct undergrad Math in Seattle?

Hi everyone,

So I moved here for an actuarial career, etc., but I'm finding that the particular office I'm in is a bit short-staffed and bursting at the seams. Also, while the pay is far better than graduate school, I realize I miss being in front of the classroom.

Therefore, while I put feelers out for other analyst positions, I'd like some recommendations on places to adjunct/instruct undergraduate mathematics in Seattle. I have already applied to North and Central Seattle Community Colleges, and would like to apply to as many as I can.

I'm excited to teach again, was never happier after a particularly good lecture...
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There is also Bellevue College, in Bellevue, WA.
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Check out The Adjunct Project's US spreadsheet. It lists employee-reported pay, per department, for adjunct positions at US institutions.

There are several universities in and around Seattle listed.
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