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I'm looking for some fun songs about camping, for young kids (ages 3 and 5).

Hoping to get my young kids pumped about an upcoming (car) camping trip. So far, I have: Ain't no Bugs on Me; Nightswimming; This Land is Your Land; The Other Day I Met a Bear; and Camping Out (by SteveSongs).

Would love any other suggestions for setting the mood.
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This Camp Songs site has a ton of classics I remember from my scout camp days.
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I know about a zillion songs from when I was a tiny little girl scout, but most are about silly nonsense, rather than being about camping. But The Happy Wanderer comes to mind as one beloved by Daisy scouts (4-5 years old) everywhere.
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I think they'd be old enough for "Campfire's Burning", even sung as a round, which is how I loved it as a kid.
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I love Hank Williams' "Setting the Woods on Fire." I think it would go over well with kids!
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I suppose it's a bit negative at first but your kids might enjoy Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah.
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Cabin In The Woods! (This is the version I remember - the one on the camp songs site linked above is slightly different)
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I Love The Mountains!
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The Diarrhea Song!
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