In search of a flower nail
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Where can I buy a flower nail in the Boston/Cambridge area?

I need to purchase a flower nail to use as a heating core in a 12" diameter cake that I am baking for an event this weekend. Does anyone have any suggestions on where in the Boston/Cambridge area I might purchase one? Cambridge (specifically the Harvard/Central/Porter areas) would be preferable. Thanks!
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Amazon has them fairly cheaply... If you just want it "in" your area in the convenience sense, instead of the shopping-locally sense, there you go.
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iParty just over the river from Harvard Sq., on Soldiers Field Rd., carries Wilton's baking supplies. Or try Dicksons Hardware on Brattle to see if there's something you can MacGyver.
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China Fair (up Mass Ave from Porter) might have something; they have all kinds of cooking supplies.
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Try Tags Hardware in Porter. They have both cooking supplies and hardware, and I have definitely seen icing sets there.
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