Where can I buy a counter-depth refrigerator in Los Angeles today?
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Where can I buy a counter-depth refrigerator in Los Angeles today? All attempts to date have ended in rivers of sorrow.

I am looking for an appliance store that has an inventory on their premises. I guess it was foolish of me to expect that I could walk into an appliance place and walk out with an appliance.

I would love to find some kind of huge mecca of kitchen stuff where I can browse for my apparently hard to find (counter depth, no water dispenser or ice maker) model of fridge and then take it home myself. Delivery would be ok, but is has to be here quicker than Amazon would be able to ship.

I have tried the usual suspects (home depot, lowe's, appliance warehouse, ikea) and they either don't have a suitably skinny fridge without a dispenser or they don't actually "have" any of the products in their store, and I have to wait for them to get it from somewhere else.

Am I missing something or am I just too impatient for appliances?

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Did you try Pacific Sales or the giant Fry's in Burbank?
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Pacific Sales is embedded within a number of BestBuy locations, BTW, running the appliance department as a concession. I'd imagine they can draw on the main store inventories.


Maybe Sears? I know there's still a Santa Monica location.
You could also check out Carlsons, nearby.


Then there are a bunch of high-end appliance dealers around town who I'm sure would be happy to help you buy a Subzero or similar RIGHT THIS INSTANT.
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The main store of your locally owned (5 to 10 store) appliance chain should have them in their main store/warehouse. I do not know what chain(s) that could be in LA. Albee's?
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What you need to do is figure out what make and model meets your specifications, THEN go get it. This is not as easy as you think. When we bought our counter-depth fridge there was only one model. That's it.

Compactappliances.com has a good selection and it's specialized.
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I would look at locally owned appliance stores, yeah. That's pretty much the only place you can find those where I am.
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How about Howard's?
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I came here to recommend a specific model: the Frigidaire Gallery. We have a very shallow counter, and didn't want to get a model that was smaller than what we had previously. So searchstore web sites for that model. It fits your specs as stated above, and was on sale for $700.
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