What are these dear naked German gentleman doing?
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Can any German history lovers tell we what these sweet old naked fat men are doing in this old postcard?

Thank George? Usually I'm pretty good at surmising from context and internet research...but this one has me stumped. Any ideas?
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I think that's Swedish.
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The text says "Thanks Jorg" and then has what looks like FPO on the bottom, which makes me wonder if it's related to Jorg Haider and the FPO (Austrian Freedom Party)?
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German, but googling the phrase gets me to this page if someone wants to translate what FPO means.
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The logo at the lower left is for the Freedom Party of Austria, so presumably the "Joerg" being thanked is Joerg Haider.

I have no idea what the forms the men are looking at might be.
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It's an Austrian political cartoon depicting old guys collecting their Kinderbetreuungsscheck from candidate Jörg Heider. There's a really long-winded and totally boring article on that election and it's historical context, including a picture of the original campaign poster here. FPO is a political party in Austria.
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Yeah, I think the Austrian Freedom Party was sending out checks (?). I am also not sure that all the "fat men" in your original drawing are men. The one on the right especially looks like she has boobs...?
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(They're naked 'cuz the babies in the original ad were naked.)
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Response by poster: But why are they naked?
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I think the thrust of the cartoon is that handing out checks to kids will make them dependent on the checks on into adulthood. Not to mention all of the criticism wrapped up in how the adults are depicted (fat, balding, blind).
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Response by poster: Wow...you people are amazing. This was a really convoluded mystery and you solved the crap out of it. Thank you, particularly carsonb.
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Testament to the power of political speech. Google "Danke Jorg"!
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You know, seeing the difference between the J and the T would have helped me a lot.
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seconding feets: I think the one on the right might be an old woman --- either that, or that's some amazing man-boobage!
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You know, this is how we learned to write the "J" in school.
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this is a postcard by the famous Austrian caricaturist Manfreid Deix German wikipedia Entry and I agree that this is a reference to the "Kinderscheck" where the Carinthian chapter of the Freedom Party (the region where Haider was provincial governor) handed out checques to familys that got children
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Thanks ironicon, after getting the context I did begin to wonder about the artist. Hadn't yet had a moment to look into it though. Thanks again!
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