Chino or Ontario? Which is better? Or less bad?
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One month work assignment, need a place to stay: Chino or Ontario, CA?

I'm going to be in Southern California for about a month, working sometimes in Claremont and sometimes at UC Riverside campus. Where should I stay? My options are Ontario and Chino. I've never been any of these places, but in my time off (which I'll have plenty) I like to hike, swim, go to parks, go to cheap Mexican/Indian/Vietnamese/etc. restaurants. Mostly, I want to be whichever town has a better outdoor life, or at least, easier to drive to a place with a nice outdoor life.

Cost of living is not an issue, I'm choosing between two boring, but acceptable long-term stay hotels. Commute seems to be bit a bit worse from Chino, but only about 10-15 minutes, so I don't think that'll be a factor.

Also, any recommendations on things to do, things to avoid? Thanks!
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Chino is going to feel slightly nicer, I think. Chino Hills is upscale, for an outlying area.
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This might be of interest:
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The answer might depend a bit on exactly where in Chino and Ontario your choices are. As you can see by looking at a map, they aren't so far from each other as to make that much difference, travel wise, but both have nicer and not so nice areas. Ontario will be slightly closer to the mountains and to Claremont.
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Hey, that's my neck of the woods! If you're not stuck between those two hotels, why not pick something much closer to Claremont? The commute on those days will be easier, and for long drive days, it's better to head east in the mornings and west at night than vice versa.

Downtown Claremont has tons of cool stuff to do (Eureka! Back abbey! Cheese cave! Classy movie theater!), plus hiking in the local hills (and up in the local mountains), and you're better positioned for heading out to the deeper parts of LA County for hiking and ethnic food.
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