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Looking to create a website to advertise my girlfriend's freelance writing skills- she would like to do some freelance writing on the side and has done it in the past but would like to take it up a notch. She has a journalism background. I have a wordpress template, some headshots, portfolio samples, etc to use so that is not the gist of my question. I was wondering if there are other examples that you have seen of writers self promotion pages that struck you as good examples that we can get ideas from.

I'm looking for something clean and simple- an about me page, portfolio page, services offered page, and some kind of submission query form. Do any websites you have seen come to mind? When we were googling around last night all we came up with were Linked in style networks for freelancers. Any other advice you have to offer would be great as well!

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Hi there, I am a freelance editor and writer; always happy to share ideas and I have lots of resources on my website about setting up in business, including my experiences doing it part time while I worked at a day job. Memail me if you'd like the links! And good luck to the two of you - get ready to provide lots of support, cups of tea, etc.!
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